Safew Nominated for NEN Coolest Startup Award

20 08 2008

NEN(National Entrepreneurship Network) asked Safew to fine a nomination for Participation in the Coolest Startup award organized by them.

SMB ITInfraPlus to be launched

18 04 2008

Safew is planning to launch “ITInfraPlus”, an IT infrastucture product for SMBs. It includes everything required for a company to start off an IT Infrastucture in almist no time.

Ubuntu and Safew To Develop Custom OS Solutions

22 01 2008

In a discussion with Ubuntu, Safew will play a major role in various capacities with them.Mass Installation,configuration and customization of OS,developing custom based solutions for various Industries in various part of India. A long list of Plans between the two Companies,include providing Ubuntu Support to Indian clients,developing customized Solutions over Ubuntu,Onsite deployment and Support for Ubuntu systems.

Safew To Venture into Open Source ERP

16 01 2008

After the final round of talks between Excalibur Dealer, Siddhula & Co. and Safew Technology Labs, It was decided that Safew will build an ERP solution for them using Tiny ERP which will run on Ubuntu Systems.This will be one of the few companies to apply Tiny ERP in their enterprise and Safew Technology Labs is ready to grab this opportunity to venture into Open Source ERP market, one of the fastest growing markets of our times.

Safew Bags Rocket Postcards Project

15 01 2008

In a yet another achievement by Safew, the Rocket Postcards, a unique project for creative firms will be now completed and enhanced by Safew Technology Labs

Safew is Now Ubuntu Affiliate

15 01 2008

As a part of a Strategic Alliance with the canonical,Safew Technology Labs is now the official  Ubuntu Solutions Provider,

only the second company in India to do so.Under this there will be several benefits to the Safew’s clients.

Kubuntu 7.04 Reviewed

22 10 2007

Although its a bit late for this review,because a new version of Kubuntu has already been released,I will go ahead with it. Well, Kubuntu 7.04 Fiesty Fawn,which we are using as the base OS in our company, for all development is, amazingly powerful and dreadfully easy operating system.

It comes bundled up with some beautiful KDE software in its bundle.A Kubuntu experience is what I can call as truely out of the box.Everything just works very very smoothly.The installation requires even less brain than any version of windows ,click a few next buttons after you start a Live CD and then just let the Kubuntu do the rest.It takes about 30 mins for the full installation after which you restart the system.

Well, what follows is a breathtaking experience.It detects each and every device instantly,configures internet for me without moving a muscle.Package management was never better than this version of Adept manager and its just works as if it is made to end windows once and for all.

I gave it to all my employees who have used windows for all their lives and they decided to use this Kubuntu forever after their experience.They told is it Linux and we always thought it was rocket science and this thing  is simpler than baking a bread.

Thats the reason we have embraced it as the desktop OS our company.Everybody just loves it. We are looking forward to upgrading it to Gutsy Gibbon soon.